Monday, August 22, 2011

One GREAT Day!

I found them!!!
I found the missing test results that have to be sent to the superintendent before the first day of public school! After losing sleep over this, I contacted a teacher-friend (you know, a "real" teacher - wink, wink) and asked if she would help me with the alternative to turning in standardized test results. The other option is to submit a paper signed by a "certified teacher" stating that she had reviewed samples from my children's portfolios and found that my children were progressing according to their abilities. She agreed to help. Sounds wonderful, right?!?

Not so much. Yes, problem solved, but another was created too. You see, I had known last year that I was going to have the kids take standardized tests this past spring, so I didn't keep portfolios! So, yes, my friend would help by looking at the non-existent portfolios and signing the papers for the super, but I now had to assemble the required portfolios!

Well, thank you, God! After spending time cleaning out their old binders last night (filled with labeled dividers -- as if I was planning to keep a portfolio of their work!), and typing up the form the friend would have to sign, and printing it (with my very valuable ink, I might add), and dragging book bags and piles of school papers (that were conveniently stored in several mass piles of mostly school papers) into our very neat and tidy new school room that had yet to acquire piles of papers ... yes, AFTER all this ...

I took one more look into a box that my dear, darling, helpful hubby had used to carry, um, piles of papers (etc) from the kitchen to the storage room prior to a party I was hosting. The party was less than a month after I had major surgery, so I certainly did need his help.

I had looked in this box before (when the panic set in because I couldn't find the test results), but as I dug into it, it was all stuff that pre-dated my surgery. They couldn't possibly be in there. But it was the only place I could think to check again (since I had already re-checked every single possible place 3 or 4 times). When I looked again today, I noticed, deeper in the box, under the items that pre-dated my surgery, there was a small pile of more recent stuff. A magazine, for instance! That had come well after my surgery! Gasp! Could it be?!?

I dug down even further ... and there they were! They were at the absolute bottom of the box!!!

Oh, again, thank you, Lord! You are so good to me!

I quickly assembled the rest of the packet, stuffed it, labeled it, and mailed it off!!!
Whew! Maybe now I'll sleep tonight.

On top of that, we managed to accomplish our first full day of school today! We've been building to a full day, and I had planned to have a full day, and I did it! I'm so proud of us!

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