Monday, September 26, 2011

That would be no.

The answer is no.

We are not moving! Anyone who follows me on Facebook already knows this only too well.

I am ecstatic! I am thrilled! Now I can just get on with my life! Yay!!!!!

So, getting on with my life ... ugh. The 8-year-old son is crying. The 10-year-old daughter caused it. She's now here to admit that she hit him because he was having an attitude with her and she didn't like it.

I sent her off to go fix the problem. She caused it, she can fix it.

Back to my life ... my printer bit the dust. Not fair!!! Every penny we've saved has gone into our new barn, every penny we can get on credit is being considered toward the new barn. I don't have money for a new printer! And I use my printer/copier multiple times a day for our school work! Errrggg! Not fair!!!

Things I want ( but not really):

  • to go back to work so I have more money
  • to send my kids back to school so someone else can deal with them
  • to live closer to a grocery store, the library, and more neighbors for the kids to play with
Things I want (really):
  • for my kids to just get along
  • for my kids to WANT to do schoolwork all day everyday
  • a new printer/copier with a lifetime supply of free ink and paper
  • for groceries to be magically delivered to my door daily, for free (a girl can dream, right?)
Things I have:
  • the freedom to worship as I choose
  • the freedom to educate my children at home, any way I'd like
  • an extremely supportive husband
  • good friends
  • a barn (it's not built yet, and it's not actually truly paid for either (dang debt), but all that wood and steel is mine, by golly!
I'm reminding myself that it's good to count my blessings. Hope you're counting yours, too!

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