Monday, April 18, 2011


Japan had a crisis. Then another. And it just seems to keep going.

Thanks to this (not said in a thankful tone ... I'm deeply saddened for everyone affected by these events, and feel so helpless!) ... But, thanks to these events, I unexpectedly have my husband home for a week. He works in the automotive manufacturing industry. More specifically, he works for a Japanese auto manufacturer. Production has stopped for the week, and I suddenly have a handy helper!

It's been a wonderful day of progress, and now it continues. We decided last week (or the week before?? Time flies, you know?) ... we decided we would move two kids into one bedroom, another kid into a different room, and create a "school room" with the last available bedroom.

Thus, at this very moment, as I watch the news and share my news with you, my darling husband is upstairs with the kids, putting up the bunk beds! I ran up there long enough to run the vacuum over the area that the bunks will possess, because you know that spot isn't being cleaned again anytime soon!

There is so much work to do, so many steps to get to the final arrangement. I know it's cliche, but I'm exhausted just thinking about it all.

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