Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today's Walk

My Facebook friends know that when I walk the dogs, we go "3 telephone poles." Out here in the country, that's how I measure distance ... how many telephone poles is it? They're spaced evenly, and I can see them from my house. On the route we take, there is a cement pillar next to the 3rd pole from the corner of our yard. My general goal is to walk them to that 3rd pole, turn around, and walk back.

On bad weather days, the dogs seem to know that they'd better "go" sooner than that because there's no way I'm going to make it that far. "Three poles" seems more like 3 miles when I'm being battered by a cold wind. Thankfully, they don't like it either.

But lookie here! Spring has arrived (according to the calendar). We have more sunshine in our days. The temps have warmed up a little (emphasis on little). And I can handle going out without wearing my Carharrt overalls, winter coat, snow boots, and ski mask.

Some days I actually have walked farther than just three poles! A couple times, I even doubled the length of the walk! (Guess how far that was!)

But today's afternoon walk was the best!!! We walked three pole lengths, turned around, and then I JOGGED back!

Wa-hooooooo!!!! Mama's on her way back! Let's pray that I'm not a one-hit wonder. I'd like to make progress each week.

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