Thursday, January 5, 2012


Time to regroup.
Time to think, rethink, get it figured out.

Get what figured out?
The homeschool curriculum conundrum.
The budget.
The schedule.

I was doing great. I was making progress. And I was being SO patient as I waited, and waited, and WAITED for some money to work its way into our lives. Then my main man, my hunka hunka hubby, got a new job! With more pay! (I know, call me blessed.)

So finally, it's almost here, and I was trying to make a plan for a little to go here and a little to go there and a LOT to go THERE ... when the man came in and effectively shut down my operations.

See, he's been waiting too (it's only fair, he's the one working for that check!) ... and it seems he had plans for that money too. Unfortunately, his plans and my plans don't jive. He wants a LOT to go SOMEWHERE ELSE, and then a little here and a little there.

But alas, that extra money is only trickling in! I am slowly, ever so slowly, doling it back out to pay this bill and that bill as they come due ... and waiting for the new employer's payroll department to get onboard with MY program!!!

I think they need to regroup. ;)

Did you regroup over the winter break? (Did you take a winter break?!?)

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