Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sonlight Curriculum

I've been drooling over the Sonlight catalog for months now. Have you seen all these glorious learning materials, all in one lovely bundle?!? Do you suffer from create-your-own-curriculum-itis? I did. That particular disease was causing lethargy and discontent in this homeschooling mama!

This is our 3rd year of homeschooling, and we love it. But I'm tired of reinventing the wheel. Also, I started working part-time, and my kids aren't getting any younger. I need someone else to do the research, find the books, make the worksheets, and lay out the plan!

As I started looking for an answer to my desire for someone else to do the planning for me, I remembered Sonlight. I had resisted it in the past because of the money and because it seemed like more work than I could handle (I had been sick for some time until we diagnosed my severe lactose-intolerance, and, in addition, a condition with my uterus that required a hysterectomy).

I started looking at Sonlight again, a few months ago, online. Then I requested that they send me a catalog. Oh me, oh my! Let the slobber run! (Ewww. No, don't.) But I think I did actually maybe drool a little.

I read, and noted, and read some more, and changed my mind about the levels, and finally wrote out all my decisions on every aspect of where I wanted to start the kids as soon as we can start. I wanted to start with the New Year (2012), but the finances haven't jived right (hubby has a new, better-paying job, but their payroll department has messed up our budget with the timing of their MAILING of his first few checks (always over a holiday weekend, making it come several days after the anticipated paydate).

Soon, soon, I will be ordering from Sonlight. Until then, keep something handy to protect yourself from the drool!

What curriculum materials make you drool?

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