Monday, January 30, 2012

Some Days Are Like That

Most days I just have a general outline in my head of what I want to get accomplished. I'm lucky if we get most of it covered. If I write it down, we're more likely to get it done ... but when I don't write it down, it's sometimes more interesting where the kids take things themselves.

Today is a work day for me, which means that I have to get a shower in the middle of our "school day" ... because I'm not one of those "early to rise" people. Quite the opposite. I stumble from the bed after waking "naturally," and it's best not to ask me anything too complicated before I drink at least a third of a cup of coffee. It's just who I am.

I generally put the shower off until an hour before I have to leave, but today I taught up until lunchtime, then took off to get that shower in ... really, just because I was cold and wanted to stand in the hot water, not because I was feeling ambitious. 

My plan was to return to MY plans for the school day after my shower, but Annie had other ideas. They are playing games in Sunday School as they learn to recite the books of the Bible in order. When I came back downstairs, she was busy crafting Books of the Bible flashcards for herself, and alternating that with reading from a Bible storybook so she can learn more about the people from the Bible.

Yeah, some days are like that. Self-directed. Self-taught. Why mess with something that's working?

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