Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mama is back!

When I left you last, it was Friday. I had experienced a less-than-stellar week, as a homeschool teacher/administrator/disciplinarian, and as a mother. I was so run-down. And I was feeling cruddier the longer the day wore on.

Shortly after I wrote that post, I started feeling increasingly worse. Brian came home late and was going to start dinner for us. Instead, he loaded me into the car and took me to the urgent care facility. I knew exactly what was wrong, and how to heal it, but I've had enough experience with this to know it would take antibiotics. I hate to even type it ... I have a urinary tract infection.

After peeing in the cup and seeing the doctor so he could diagnose what I had already diagnosed, we headed for the local pharmacy where the prescription would be waiting (I hoped). I waddled up to the counter (bounced, jiggled ... oh, they are so uncomfortable!) but it wasn't ready. Oh my ... I had to wait. At the grocery store. Did I mention how uncomfortable I was?? I wanted to sit there by the pharmacy and just wait, but prior to our arrival, and elderly gentleman had fallen and was using one of the chairs to wait for the paramedics. A pharmasicst was hovering over him, blocking the other chairs. and then the paramedics arrived and took over the whole area. Where was I to sit?? Ha! You'll like this ...

In front of the snack food aisle, they have two lovely leather (or leatherish) rocker recliners displayed along with snacks and drinks. Hmmmm. Yep. Looks like a good place for an uncomfortable woman to sit and wait. Oooo, that chair was comfy!!! I might've been happy to wait all night. I have a lovely view of the fallen-man happenings and they checked him and loaded him and got personal information about him from the pharmacy. And to be honest, it was infinitely better than standing with Brian, talking to one of his old co-workers (who I had never met) about his old job (which I don't miss) and that fella's wife (who didn't want to talk to me, a stranger, either). We had already made as much small talk as was required. In fact, I rudely walked away when she turned her head!

So, the silver lining to the whole UTI problem is this: I slept all night Friday night, and all day Saturday. Finally! God found a way to provide me with the rest I needed ... guilt-free. By the time Monday rolled around, I felt wonderful (except for a little bit of bladder discomfort still). My energy had returned, as had my good mood and my homeschooling mojo.

Mama is back!!!

Now I have to give you a bit of a flashback. On Friday afternoon, while I sat in bed feeling awful, I still managed to spend some time with the kids. I had been reading blogs and again came across a link for the Time 4 Learning website (http://www.time4learning.com/). I knew our schooling needed a bigger jumpstart than I could provide, so I read up a little bit about this. I noticed that we could join and if we cancel within the first two weeks, I could get a full refund, and if we continue past that time, I could still cancel at anytime (but no refund).

I brought the kids in, and we tried the demo activities they provide. The kids wanted to give it a try. I explained it all to them, and laid down the law: NO Club Penguin until after they did a lesson on Time 4 Learning (T4L for short).  "Ok, ok, we want to do it!!!"

So I signed them up, and they gave it a try ... and I found it to be surprisingly great! It has appropriately staged educational lessons and activities. I was able to choose what level I wanted each child to be working at, and the kids can choose what subject to work on. I allow this since I'm using it more as a supplement to our normal school work than as our whole curriculum (although, depending on your standards for your child's education, it COULD be used as a whole curriculum).

It's been nice to have something new and fun but still educational that the kids can do by themselves (I did the first few with them) so that I can work on healing.

Today is Tuesday. On Monday, Mama was back. Today, we had a great day. I taught them some basic sewing skills. They were beside themselves with joy that we were doing something fun like that. I also finally started cursive writing. Annie was taught the basics in public school in second grade, but I never made her practice it at home, or use it for any of her work. And Andrew is now in second grade, so I guess it's up to me to teach it. Annie was glad to work on something she already knew. Andrew was at first excited, until he found out he would have to try it himself, putting pencil to paper ... and would have to ... gasp! ... practice!

Yes, today's motto is definitely "Mama is back!" Now let's hope she stays for a while!

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