Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stinky Feet

We've had two days in a row of sunshine. In addition, I finally slept well last night. These two facts added together equal a much happier mama.

For Christmas, I bought myself several Geo Puzzles. (I think I got them through Amazon.) They are fabulous! I didn't grow up with even an adequate education in geography. I'm working diligently to make up for this with my own children. We opened the Europe puzzle today since we've been studying Europe in Classical Conversations (www.classicalconversations.com) Andrew, the youngest at 8-years-old, put it together with minimal help from me while Annie did her math (she's 9 and 3/4). When she finished her math, Annie was challenged to do the puzzle herself ... with a timer! She had it finished in 20 minutes. I had her write her time on the board and I'll have them do it again another day. They really seemed to enjoy it. We haven't done puzzles in a LONG time, so it must seem like a new toy to them.

Upward basketball starts tonight. One of my favorite aspects of evening practices is that Daddy can take them and I can have a little private time at home. However, for this first week, I prefer for us to take them together so we can both meet the coaches. Barnacles. I want to be home alone!

Annie and Andrew love basketball! I'm very, very ready for them to get that exercise without having to employ the Wii. The Wii is great and I wouldn't want to give it back ... but once it a while it gets annoying to have them arguing over it and thumping the floor as they "get their exercise."

My oldest daughter, Caity, stopped by today to pick up some homemade soup and grocery coupons. She's 19 going on 40. Homemade beef veggie soup and grocery coupons. And she made a large payment on her school loan today with a goal of having it paid in full when she graduates next December. She's very balanced, with a good job and a healthy social life (and I do mean "healthy" since she's not a drinker/partier) in addition to her classes. I admire her maturity and enjoy her young spirit.

The only other child I should note today is Jack, my 17-year-old. I could usually say something positive about him, but the stench of his feet melted my brain yesterday and I'm not quite back to normal yet.

Smile, and put some life into your day!

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