Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh Sleep, How I Miss You

This is the post where I bore you with boring details about our last few days.

Wednesday, I finally dragged myself out of bed when I heard one of the dogs peeing on the floor (and Andrew yelling "Rudy peed!" which meant I couldn't pretend it hadn't just happened). That was only the first dog mess I cleaned up that day ... the dogs then took turns throwing up.

As I desperately tried to catch up on the sleep I've been progressively losing lately, Annie decided to cut up her own apple. And proceeded to cut her hand. It wasn't deep enough to require stitches, but it was bad enough to require that she lay in bed for an hour and a half with Mommy, watching tv.

When I finally got up, I ran to town to get some forms mailed out, and to pick up fast food (and chinese) because Daddy was on a business trip that would bring him home later than usual. Unfortunately, the burger that I got for myself (I need burgers on days like this) must've had milk in the bun (I don't usually get burgers from this place). Considering the fact that I'm lactose intolerant, the milk was not a good thing. The day was officially over at that point.

And the sleep situation didn't get any better that night.

So, because I was supposed to get blood drawn Thursday morning, I couldn't eat after 8:00 that night. Maybe that explains why I barely slept. No bedtime snack to tide me over until morning. Thankfully ... oh, thank you, God and Brian! Thankfully, my husband, Brian, took pity on my tired state and told me I didn't have to go get my blood drawn. He even called to cancel for me. What a man!

Because I didn't have to leave the house, we were able to get an early start on the school day. Best school day so far this week. But since it's already Friday ... almost noon ... and we've done no school work and I've resorted to yelling ... really loud! ... after the dog peed on the floor a second time today ... I'm ready to give up!

Is it time to give up the freedom that homeschooling allows and send the kids back to public school? No way. But I'd love to have a guest teacher come in and run this place for a week ... whip us all into shape. Or how about a substitute parent who can do the job I'm supposed to be doing while I take a sabbatical ... and catch up on some sleep?

Oh Sleep, how I miss you.
Grouchy Mama

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